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Land Use Checklist/Application & Fees

The Fountain Creek Watershed District was given land use authority under the enabling legislation (SB 09-141) that established the district. The district has full authority over land use regulation in the corridor (defined as the 100-year floodplain south of the city of Fountain and north of the city of Pueblo) and recommending authority over land use outside the corridor, which means that the district may provide recommendations on land use applications to the appropriate cities and counties.

May contain: outdoors, nature, land, water, sea, lake, reservoir, vegetation, and plant

The district’s land use application review process begins with a consultation with the executive director, who can advise on the process, timeline and fees. The district has a multi-step review process similar to cities and counties, including review and recommendation by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), review by the Citizens Advisory Group (CAG), and review and a decision by the district Board of Directors.

The review standard for land use applications is conformity with the District’s policies, plans, regulations, and procedures, including the Fountain Creek Watershed Study and Watershed Management Plan, the Strategic Plan for the Fountain Creek Watershed, and Fountain Creek Corridor Restoration Master Plan. Conformity with the policies, plans, and regulations of other affected jurisdictions is also considered.

The District seeks to obtain public input regarding land use decisions and requires public notice.

Useful Documents:

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