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How Projects Are Selected



Project Rating and Tiered Criteria
Projects are selected based on criteria developed from the Pueblo County Southern Delivery System (SDS) 1041 permit conditions and other District documents, studies, and plans. Pursuant to Condition 6 of the Southern Delivery System (SDS) 1041 permit, acceptable projects may include:

Pueblo County SDS 1041 permit terms and conditions.pdfIGA_Pueblo_County_Colorado Springs_Uitlity Enterprise.pdf
  1. Those projects that have been identified by the United States Corps of Engineers (“Corps”) as high priority erosion, sedimentation, or flood control projects in a formal Corps recommendation for Fountain Creek;
  2. Erosion, sedimentation, flood control, or water quality improvement projects identified as part of the Fountain Creek Corridor Restoration Master Plan;
  3. Any other sedimentation and erosion control, flood control including a dam or dams, or stream improvement project that is found to be acceptable by the District.