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Rain Barrels

In 2009 rain barrels were legalized in Colorado. All Coloradans can now have up to two 55-gallon rain barrels on their property to collect and store rainwater that falls on their roofs. This water must be used in an outdoor setting and not for human consumption. While the water that comes off your roof is not safe to drink, it is an easy and sustainable way to lower your water bill and keep your garden and home happy.

Here are some examples of what you can use your harvested rainwater for 

  • Washing your car 
  • Watering your garden 
  • Filling bird baths
  • Washing down your driveway or exterior of your house

You can find a rain barrel starting at $35 from Home Depot, $50 from Lowes, and $40 at Walmart

May contain: barrel, rain barrel, and diaper
May contain: plant, barrel, and rain barrel

Rain Barrels