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Help us Continue the Creek Week Legacy through Sponsorship!

Creek Week relies on the generosity of our communities to sustain this critical program. Consider supporting with a cash or in-kind donation!

Creek Week is not just a week-long clean-up. It’s a community building, smiles-on-the-faces, bigger picture, healthy ecosystems, get outside and lend a hand event. And this event couldn’t be as successful without our Debris Demolishers, Rubbish Removers, Waste Wranglers, Trash Takers, and In-Kind donations.
We appreciate each and everyone of you. You helped establish this event as the largest river clean-up in the state of Colorado!

Creek Week Sponsor Donations

Please send your Creek Week sponsorship check to:

Fountain Creek Watershed District, attn: Creek Week PO Box 26373 Colorado Springs, CO 80936


“Creek Week not only connects the community with our local waterways, it elevates very relevant regional conversations about the health of these waterways and the need to protect the regional watershed.”

Christine Lowenberg, Executive Director of The Greenway Fund


“My favorite thing about Creek Week is witnessing people make a difference in their community. Volunteering with students passionate about serving others by picking up their trash is a truly humbling and rewarding experience. It gives me a great sense of pride knowing that cleaning one waterway can make communities in Colorado Springs, along the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers, and off the Gulf of Mexico more beautiful.”

Alex Greanias, UCCS student and 4x volunteer for Creek Week

“Creek Week is an annual event that allows people of all ages to come together to help clean and beautify our streams. People care – that makes the difference. Let’s all get involved, however we can, to make our waterways a treasure to be enjoyed by generations to come.”

Larry Small, Past Executive Director of the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District

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Thank you to all those who’ve made Creek Week possible!