Fountain Creek Watershed
Flood Control And Greenway District

Fountain Creek has been the subject of many scientific studies and reports over the years. Several federal, state and regional agencies have completed and published data, assessments, reports and other information about water quality and quantity, flooding, erosion and sedimentation. The District has partnered with the U.S. Geological Survey and many others to develop restoration master plans or research other aspects of the creek and its tributaries.

USGS Reports+

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment+

Fountain Creek and Cheyenne Creek Flood Restoration Master Plan (Jun 2015)+

Monument Creek Watershed Restoration Plan (Nov 2016)+

Fountain Creek Flood Control Study (Jan 2017)+

Fountain Creek Corridor Master Plan (Oct 2011)+

Fountain Creek Watershed EPA 9-Element Plan for Management of E. Coli (2019)+

Fountain Creek Watershed Policy Evaluation Report (2012)+

District Presentations+

Strategic Plan for the Fountain Creek Watershed (2009)+