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Promoting Pollinators

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Pollinator Party Flyer for Brewery

Bees and other pollinators are critical for sustaining ecosystems all over the world. In fact, they are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of the foods we eat! Most pollinators are insects, but they also include birds, bats, and small mammals. These creatures visit flowers to either drink nectar or feed of pollen. As they do so, they transport the pollen grains while moving from place to place.

These critters provide this free, invaluable ecosystem service but they are increasingly being threatened by loss of their feeding and nesting habitats, pollution, misuse of chemicals, and a changing climate.

We are promoting pollinators as a critical component to a healthy watershed. Here are some resources for further learning.

·       Video: Bring Back the Pollinators from the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

·       Southern Rockies Seed Network

·       Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association

·       Western Apiculture Society:

·       Black Forest Honey: B lack Forest Honey also provides bee and swarm removal services on a case by case basis.

·       Teaching kids the importance of bees

·       Buckley’s Homestead Supply

·       Mile High Bug Club

·       Colorado Native Plant Society Southeast chapter

·       Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs

·       Manitou Springs Pollinator Project

·       Manitou Springs Seed Library

·       Flying Pig Farm

·       Denver Butterfly Pavilion

·       Colorado State Extension Office www.extension/

·       Colorado Parks and Wildlife

·        Pollinator Week:

·        Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero

·        iNaturalist look for Fountain Creek Watershed Biodiversity Survey

Local Demonstration Gardens

·       Self-guided activity stations at Colorado Springs Utilities Demonstration Gardens – registration required.

·       El Paso County Parks – Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Centers

Helping protect the health of the Fountain Creek Watershed and our downstream neighbors.