Fountain Creek Watershed
Flood Control And Greenway District

Pueblo Channel Project at 13th Street in Pueblo

Pueblo County Colorado

Project Details

  • Bank ID Number: PC053
  • Project Channel Length 2,000 feet
  • Estimated Project Cost: $2.6 Million
  • Anticipated Completion: June 2019

Project Summary

This reach has been identified as requiring localized bank reshaping and extensive riparian revegetation. Work will include channel meander planform and cross-section modifications including bank hardening and the potential for in-channel grade control.

The anticipated restoration efforts will provide channel stability, reduced erosion, and corresponding sedimentation, restoration, and protection of adjacent wetlands, and the restoration and enhancement of riparian habitat. Project goals also include the protection of recreational assets and transportation infrastructure and the mitigation of future impacts from storm-induced runoff.

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