Fountain Creek Watershed
Flood Control And Greenway District

Citizens Advisory Group

The Citizens Advisory Group, or “CAG”, refers to the citizens appointed by the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District Board to represent various interests identified within the watershed and to consult with and offer advice to the Board on managing the watershed.

The CAG generally meets on the 2nd Friday of the month, 9:30am, at Fountain City Hall, 116 S Main Street, 2nd Floor, Fountain, CO.  Be sure to check the calendar for scheduling changes.

For more information about the statutory authority and purpose of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District see C.R.S. 32-11.5.


  • Terry Hart – Chair Person –
  • Mary Barber – Vice Chairperson
  • Jack Wallick – Secretary

CAG District Board Representatives

  • Terry Hart – Primary
  • Mary Barber – Alternate

TAC Representative

  • Annie Berlemann

Outreach Coordinator

2021 CAG Members

  • Mary Barber, Citizen At Large, Fountain
  • Samantha Bailey, City of Colorado Springs
  • Annie Berlemann, Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Velma Campbell, Citizen At Large, Pueblo
  • Terry Hart, Citizen At Large, Pueblo
  • Ian Hartley, Citizen At Large, Pueblo West
  • Irene Kornelly, Citizen At Large, Colorado Springs
  • Jessica Miller, El Paso County Parks
  • Judith Rice-Jones, Citizen At Large, Colorado Springs
  • Kevin Sparks, Citizen At Large, Pueblo
  • Jamie Valdez, Environmental Groups
  • Jack Wallick, Citizen At Large, Colorado Springs
  • David Woolley, City of Fountain
  • Jeannette Lara, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Helping protect the health of the Fountain Creek Watershed and our downstream neighbors.