2021 Creek Week Site Map

Use this map to determine your cleanup location
Red indicates a site has been taken, blue indicates the site is available. This map will update periodically as registrations come in. If you don’t see an area listed, we can add it for you – just let us know the general location in your registration.

Public Event Registration
Use this link to join in on any public cleanup being led by someone else.

Click Here!

Registration for new sites has been closed. Please click the Public Events button to register directly with a Crew Leader. 

Clean n Crawl Registration (Sat. Sept. 25, 1pm)
Join us as we enjoy a pub crawl – cleanup – fundraiser along Tejon Street! Limit 50 participants, adults only.

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Sondermann Park Forest Health Project Registration ( 9/30, 9am-1pm)
Volunteers will work to remove non-native species from Sondermann Park just west of I25 and Chestnut Street.

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